This Train Gonna Take Me

Over my shoulder I can see those days,

The ones far behind and the stops I just made.

Though the dust has clouded, the picture is clear,

Sentiments there are much closer than they appear.

I may know where I’ve been, but not where I’m goin’

All I know… this train gonna take me.

I’ve not got much luggage but the burden is great,

For the things I’ve seen bear quite the weight.

The men have been harsh, the women too few,

The children too young for all that they knew.

I’ve known many things, but I care for no more,

All I need to know is that this train gonna take me.

Days have been pretty, despite where I’ve been,

The righteous men jailed by sheriffs of sin.

But time in the cell has done my soul fine,

I’m lookin’ to savor what’s little left of mine.

I know I’ve gone astray, but I aim to go elsewhere,

And wherever that is, this train gonna take me.

The land has been cruel, though the skies so pretty,

So the drunkards and I may have danced a little ditty.

Round and round the few of us played,

Shaking our whiskers and worries away.

I know I’ve been lost, but I’m gonna get found,

And that is where this train gonna take me.

So long I’ve been lowly, haggard and grey,

But this train gonna take me, take me away.

I’ve been the least, but my time has come,

So this train gonna take me, away to the sun.

The ground is so rough that it’s got me all achy,

So up the heavens this train gonna take me.

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