I Once Was Lost But Now I’m Found

I feared my life was all but gone,

The devil had lured me in.

And though my feet kept marching on,

My heart was steeped in sin.

Once I had fallen to my knees

I thought my time had come.

My life was plagued with such disease,

I’d blistered in the sun.

Was stranded in the desert there

Just praying for some rain.

But just my guilt the clouds would bear,

As I wrenched over in pain.

Lost in the drought for many years,

Withered, parched, and dry.

The only moisture was my tears

That daily I would cry.

But then there came a straggling cloud

That led ten thousand more.

It’s then the thunder clapped aloud

And mercy forth did pour!

Now I see that I’ve been saved

By the grace of God, my King.

It was not liquid that I craved

But the Living Water spring!

I’m daily still found on my knees

Though not in suffering.

For since that day my soul was freed

I sing to Christ my King!

Found alone without a trace

Of light or life or love,

But now surrounded by His grace

I praise the Lord above!

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