O to be Free

I’m caged within my own city,

Prevented from meeting people, from seeing the world.

I just want to fly,

To soar the high heavens and come down somewhere new.

Somewhere different.

Because there, I would be new.

And I would be different.


I’m caged within my own walls,

Kept from running the streets, from letting myself go.

I just want to take off,

To stretch my legs and let them move me somewhere open.

Somewhere free.

Because there, I would be open.

And I would be free.


I’m caged within my own skin,

Restrained from riding the wind, from floating the skies.

I just want to exhale,

To breathe the truth instead and exist somewhere meaningful.

Somewhere real.

Because there, I will be meaningful.

And I will be real.

3 thoughts on “O to be Free

  1. A soul that longs to soar will not be satisfied living low and close to the ground, no more than an eagle was created to live like the turkey.

    The eagle, living as a turkey, will go unappreciated and undervalued. An eagle living in the land of a turkey will grow weak and without purpose–maladies that will be misdiagnosed and covered in condemnation, all reasons to live in isolation apart from the society of turkeys.

    Lift your head and spread your wings for you were created to rise high above.

    • Debbie, your feedback means so much to me. Thank you so very much for the time you take to read and respond. Your inspired words bring needed encouragement. I will do my best to spread wide, and to rise.

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