La Lune

Grey clouds surround the white moon.

The eye in the sky that will come so soon.

The only light in our darkest night.

The hope that we clutch to beneath our fright.

A rope that dangles before our fear.

The only grace to save us from here.

A humbling reminder of what we’ve done.

And a steady light that reflects the sun.

An eerie shroud of both terror and awe.

An authentic print from the finger of God.

The light at the mouth of our deepest cave.

The fire in the pit of a soul so brave.

A message, a spirit, an angel, a breath.

An emblem of life, the victor of death.

The light in the sky, the hope in our hearts.

The end of this world, and where heaven starts.

This Train Gonna Take Me

Over my shoulder I can see those days,

The ones far behind and the stops I just made.

Though the dust has clouded, the picture is clear,

Sentiments there are much closer than they appear.

I may know where I’ve been, but not where I’m goin’

All I know… this train gonna take me.

I’ve not got much luggage but the burden is great,

For the things I’ve seen bear quite the weight.

The men have been harsh, the women too few,

The children too young for all that they knew.

I’ve known many things, but I care for no more,

All I need to know is that this train gonna take me.

Days have been pretty, despite where I’ve been,

The righteous men jailed by sheriffs of sin.

But time in the cell has done my soul fine,

I’m lookin’ to savor what’s little left of mine.

I know I’ve gone astray, but I aim to go elsewhere,

And wherever that is, this train gonna take me.

The land has been cruel, though the skies so pretty,

So the drunkards and I may have danced a little ditty.

Round and round the few of us played,

Shaking our whiskers and worries away.

I know I’ve been lost, but I’m gonna get found,

And that is where this train gonna take me.

So long I’ve been lowly, haggard and grey,

But this train gonna take me, take me away.

I’ve been the least, but my time has come,

So this train gonna take me, away to the sun.

The ground is so rough that it’s got me all achy,

So up the heavens this train gonna take me.

I Once Was Lost But Now I’m Found

I feared my life was all but gone,

The devil had lured me in.

And though my feet kept marching on,

My heart was steeped in sin.

Once I had fallen to my knees

I thought my time had come.

My life was plagued with such disease,

I’d blistered in the sun.

Was stranded in the desert there

Just praying for some rain.

But just my guilt the clouds would bear,

As I wrenched over in pain.

Lost in the drought for many years,

Withered, parched, and dry.

The only moisture was my tears

That daily I would cry.

But then there came a straggling cloud

That led ten thousand more.

It’s then the thunder clapped aloud

And mercy forth did pour!

Now I see that I’ve been saved

By the grace of God, my King.

It was not liquid that I craved

But the Living Water spring!

I’m daily still found on my knees

Though not in suffering.

For since that day my soul was freed

I sing to Christ my King!

Found alone without a trace

Of light or life or love,

But now surrounded by His grace

I praise the Lord above!

A Poem on Wisdom: Job 28

There are places to mine for silver

            and a place where gold is refined.

Copper is smelted from ore

            as the iron that men have mined.

Man puts an end to the darkness;

            he searches the farthest recesses.

He scours the earth for its ores;

            he pulls it from the blackest crevasses.

Far from where people dwell

            a shaft is cut to make way.

In places forgotten by men’s feet,

            he dangles and he sways.

The earth, from which life blooms,

            is transformed below as by fire.

In its dust we find nuggets of gold;

            from its rocks we take sapphire.

No falcon knows this hidden path;

            no eagle’s eye has seen where.

Proud beasts do not set foot on it;

            not a single lion prowls there.

Man’s hand assaults the flinty rock

            laying bare the roots of the mount.

He tunnels through the rock

            and finds all its treasures tantamount.

He searches the sources of rivers

            and brings hidden things to light.

He enters the darkest caverns

            to rescue these stones from the night.

But where can wisdom be found?

            Where dwells such understanding?

Man does not fathom its worth;

            it’s not found in the land of the living.

The deep says, “It is not in me,”

            so where does wisdom hide?

The sea says, “It is not with me,”

            so where does wisdom reside?

It’s not bought for the gold of Ophir;

            for onyx it won’t be sold.

Its price can’t be weighed in silver,

            nor in crystal or jewels of gold.

Coral is not worthy of mention;

            the topaz of Cush can’t compare.

The price of wisdom is far beyond rubies,

            far more than gems everywhere.

Where then does wisdom come from?

            Where does understanding dwell?

It’s concealed from the eyes of the living;

            not found in the world’s deepest well.

“Only rumors have reached our ears,”

            Destruction and Death both say.

God alone knows its dwelling place;

            He alone understands the way.

He sees everything under the heavens;

            he views the ends of the earth.

He measured out the waters

            and gave the winds their birth.

When he made a decree for the rain,

            for the thunderstorms that churn,

He looked at wisdom and appraised it;

            he tested it, and confirmed.

“The fear of the Lord – that is wisdom,”

            said the Lord to man.

“The fear of the Lord is wisdom;

            to shun evil is to understand.”

O to be Free

I’m caged within my own city,

Prevented from meeting people, from seeing the world.

I just want to fly,

To soar the high heavens and come down somewhere new.

Somewhere different.

Because there, I would be new.

And I would be different.


I’m caged within my own walls,

Kept from running the streets, from letting myself go.

I just want to take off,

To stretch my legs and let them move me somewhere open.

Somewhere free.

Because there, I would be open.

And I would be free.


I’m caged within my own skin,

Restrained from riding the wind, from floating the skies.

I just want to exhale,

To breathe the truth instead and exist somewhere meaningful.

Somewhere real.

Because there, I will be meaningful.

And I will be real.


It is not solely the things I see

that trifle my heart,

and me.


There are hands unheld,

spaces unfilled,

a lack of ink at the tip of my quill.


There are lines unpenned, words unwritten,

and my thirsty soul,

yet to be smitten.


These letters stumble, dazed, entranced,

when there should be rhythm;

they should dance.


But no! There is chaos, there is havoc,

and madness!

There is no peace, no drop of solace.


Missing is passion, hidden is bliss,

but there should be light,

instead of this…


I grant this one lone light, at least.

But the darkness presses;

it roars like a beast.


My bones tremor, my flesh turns cold,

my soul reaches out for another

to hold.


Though it is just I; no one is there,

and I am laden,

I am scared.


That light shines on,

bleak but ablaze,

and somewhere inside I clutch to its faith.


There is darkness now,

and the beast wreaks terror,

but I will pull through.