The Ifs and the Is.

In a life full of lies, it’s difficult to trust, let alone to believe. We pursue clarity as if it holds the answers to everything we ever wondered. We find ourselves lost, we fear the unknown, and we misplace our trust. If only we knew which path to choose, so we wouldn’t be lost anymore. If only we knew what lay in store, so we wouldn’t be so afraid. If only we knew whose side to take, so we wouldn’t end up alone. If only, if only, if only…

But let me assure you, the answers are not what you seek. For even if you found them, even if you solved all of life’s riddles, more questions would surface. We’d wonder instead why we were ever lost to begin with. We’d wonder instead how the future is any different from the past. We’d wonder instead if we can even trust ourselves. So instead of chasing the answers, seek the one who knows them.


“As long as we pursue what-ifs, we’ll always miss what is.”


The world is determined to convince you that you can save yourself, whether from danger, from darkness, or from death. But you can’t. Don’t allow your finite vision to cause you to mistrust an infinite God. We don’t have all the answers, but that’s perfectly okay. God has a reason, and he has a purpose. His love is unfailing and he does not fail. He is sovereign and beyond worthy of our trust.

Though you may not see it, what you need is not clarity, but trust. And sometimes, that trust costs you something. But you need to go determined, with resolve, and wholehearted. Though trust is sometimes blind, our faith is not. So I urge you, lean not on your own understanding. Fall not on your own spear. Just because we lack answers does not mean that we lack what we need. We worship a God that knows all things, whose wisdom is unfathomable.

Sometimes we find ourselves drowning, desperate for salvation. We’re left with nothing but trust. And it’s then, when we discover that God is all we have, that we realize God is all we need. Whether he sends a ship, builds a bridge, or empowers you to swim… trust in him.

He’s ready. He’s all in. He’s accessible. He’s here. He’s the Author and Perfecter of our faith. So put all of your trust in him. If you do, he is able to do far more than we could ever, ever imagine.

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