From Heaven To Earth

The Lord rains down from the heavens with majesty;
            from high above the earth He releases His splendor.
It falls from the lofty heights;
            it falls in beautiful sheets.
He pours blessings over the land;
            He plants seeds of life beneath the dirt.
In awe we watch Him lavish creation,
            rendered speechless by His every move.
His majesty is breathtaking,
            for breaths are His to take.
His majesty is unmistakable,
            for He alone is God.

The Lord unleashes His wrath on the earth;
            He brings fire upon the lowly.
With swift winds He wreaks havoc;
            with rage He seeks out justice.
He searches the hearts of every man and woman,
            finding in every one wickedness.
We cower in fear of His power;
            we wonder why we ever stopped fearing.
His anger is just,
            for judgment is His to give.
His anger is righteous,
            for He alone is God.

The Lord showers His people in mercy;
            from the skies His forgiveness flows forth.
From high above the ground it falls,
            covering the sins of the earth.
He takes the dirty and cleanses them;
            He holds the stained close to His breast.
In tears we approach our Lord,
            unable to put gratitude into words.
His grace is free,
            for salvation is His to offer.
His grace is unfathomable,
            for He alone is God.

The Lord descends on the earth in glory;
            He has come to take His bride.
With trumpets sound He has come;
            He has come to take us home.
The angels are praising His name;
            “Holy, Holy, Holy!” they cry.
Our souls proclaim from within us;
            we join in the marvelous sound.
His glory is unmatchable,
            for heaven is His to hold.
His glory is incomparable,
            for He alone is God.

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