My Soul Sings

Quite awhile back I read a poem that was written solely by using the titles of books. After some thought I decided to give it a try, except I opted for titles of worship songs. This is what resulted:

My Soul Sings


I stand amazed in Christ alone,

Breathing the breath to be alone with you.

Please be my strength, never let go,

My Heavenly, you can have me.

No one else.

Your love is strong; your love never fails.

You never let go; you’re beautiful.

Death in his grave, Jesus paid it all!

Glorious cannons, joy to the world!

All the trees of the fields will clap their hands!

Heaven and earth something beautiful,

The fullness, house of God forever.

Since the world began, your love, oh Lord:

Divine romance!

This is my life; you have me.

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