Sinner & Savior

I once was unwanted, I once was afraid,
I once measured men by their accolades.
Fear was a weakness, insecurity the worst,
When throwing stones, I stood in line first.
Hypocrite, liar, coward, and fraud,
Gallivanting prodigal, fleeing from God.
I was haughty and uppity, on my high horse,
There was no hint of rue or remorse.
I was unrelenting and unforgiving,
I cared not for dying, but only for living.
In search of the fountain for eternal youth
I sought not a single grain of truth.
I was reckless and rampant and foolishly bold
All in the face of the words I’d been told.

I was never unwanted, but just misdirected,
I was fighting for favor among the infected.
My weakness was ignorance, and also pride,
I ignored the emptiness that burrowed inside.
Idiot, moron, weasel, and fool,
I wanted to be king, and to make my own rules.
I took what I wanted, granted no grace,
Whatever I hated, I sought to deface.
I was unwilling to listen or change,
I left those I cared for, self-estranged.
Sadly I never paid heed to the signs,
I failed to succeed, and loved to malign.
I was hopeless and lonely, but never alone,
He was waiting for me to kneel at His throne.

He was forgiving, He was always nearby,
He loved me so much He was willing to die.
He wanted my heart, He wanted my all,
He held out His hand every time I would fall.
Scarred on His hands were those humble holes
From that day when He died, for to save every soul.
He was gentle and gracious, He glowed from inside,
And He wanted my all, not just the good side.
He wants the ugly, the dirty, the rotten,
He counts every sin forgiven, forgotten.
To Him we’re beautiful, He’s made us clean,
He resurrected, and we are redeemed.
He’s our Saving Grace, He’s the Humblest King,
He is our reason to love and to sing.

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