The Kite String

Released from tender hands, like being born for the first time.

Caught by the wind and carried to unimaginable heights.

Filled with spirit and with life.

Exhilarated by both sights and sky.

High above the ground, flight has never seemed so sweet.

Freedom has never been so alluring.

Tossed and pulled by gusts, unafraid of where they lead.

Given in to the enticing idea of release.

Desiring to be unleashed on the world.

Sensing and tasting free flight, but still held back, somehow.

Clung to by the liberator, yet tethered to him.

Tied down to the giver of flight, and wanting to be let go.

Struggling and writhing to break free.

Fighting for freedom from the one who set us free…


In an instant, released.

In a moment, unleashed.

Set free from the string of limitation.

Unbound from the chain of repression.

Invigorated by that moment of untethered flight.

An ecstasy of complete freefall…


Unable to catch the wind.

Unable to steer, to soar.

Falling and failing.

Gasping and flailing.

Jerked and tossed.

Incapable and lost.

Desiring once again those tender hands.

Longing to be caught, but not…


Wrecked and ragged, strewn on the rocks.

Alone and stranded, powerless.

Ruefully regretting that snip, aware of the ties that were cut.

Missing that feeling of flight, craving some second chance.

But none is deserved.

Flight was given, life was given.

And both were taken for granted.

Helplessness and hopelessness overwhelm…


Softly scooped up by those tender hands.

Cared for and mended, healed and forgiven.

For some reason, still loved.

Out of pure mercy, restrung.

Nestled in the crook of loving arms.

Cherished despite the shortcomings.

A redeeming word, and prepared to take wing again…


Back into the sky, fearful but brave.

Fully aware of the string, and grateful for it.

A bond not of confinement but of empowerment.

Not a chain or a tether, but a lifeline.

A literal line of life, created by love.

Amazed by flight again.

Astounded even more by the pilot.

Oh to fly again.

Oh to be flown again!


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