Cleansed By & Clung To

I was caught in a cloud of consuming smoke,

Lungs overburdened, invoked to choke.

I saw no fire but I felt the flames,

Fueled by guilt, empowered by shame.

My flailing just boosted the ravenous fire,

Helpless I struggled to escape the mire,

But no might of mine was enough to fight free,

Only in surrender was it lifted from me.


The rain had been pouring over my soul,

But I was unaware of my own burning toll.

I built up soot, buried myself in ashes,

But along came the rain and the one who washes

Every hint of guilt, all traces of shame,

Every single sin, each hideous stain.

Blemished to spotless, entirely embraced,

Cleansed by and clung to by this: grace.

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