Tongues of Fire

Gathered together beneath one roof,

One in Spirit by the power of Truth,

Sitting, speaking, earnestly praying,

Eager to share and not delaying.

For just one moment, all is still,

Preparing our souls for miraculous thrill.

For that moment the house is eerily quiet

But then it erupts in a heaven-sent riot.

We’re enveloped by violent, rushing wind.

Through windows and doors it’s bursting in.

Worldly chaos but unworldly Peace

As the gusts of Spirit continue to reach

Unexplored depths of soul and mind,

Untapped gifts of the Heavenly kind.

The likes of us are bewildered and shocked

As our worlds and bones have likewise been rocked.

Mouths agape and spirits consumed

We marvel at God as His Ghost resumes.

Igniting before us are Righteous Flames,

Beyond this realm yet somehow contained.

They swiftly disperse to fill the house,

Resting on each of us; not one without.

We all are transported to some place higher,

Indwelt and uplifted by Tongues of Fire.

Stretched beyond by the Spirit’s Glow,

Words and tongues unheard of would flow

From each of our voices in flawless speech,

Reaching the ears of the yet unreached.

A fulfillment of promise by our Sovereign Lord:

His Spirit onto His people poured,

Yielding to us these visions and dreams

To change the world with the yet unseen.

He will show wonders in Heaven above

And signs on the earth to reveal His Love:

His Son, Jesus Christ, both crucified and risen,

And His Holy Spirit, to each believer given.

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