God’s Candles

Steep on the hillside I stagger alone,
Groping for footholds where the sun once shone.
Traces of light still betray my eyes
Beneath the ever darkening skies.
My mind recalls a nearby ledge
But grip slips off the crag instead.
Over the cliff I fear I’ll tumble
One of these times that I clumsily stumble.

Then, at once, I catch glimpse of light,
But it recedes too quickly back into the night.
I know in the darkness some hope exists;
It’s not just evil that indwells the abyss.
There’s hope and life pointed out by belief,
The opposite way from pity and grief.
Then off in the distance it glimmers again
And that hope continues to blossom within.

With all of my heart I earnestly pray
That the Lord, by grace, would light the way.
And then in an instant his glory ignites
As my soul and my eyes are relieved of the night.
One on the hillside. Two. Then three.
Now hundreds of miracles blaze before me.
They light the true path set before me by God;
A path that sinners, turned saints, have trod.

So onward I trek with fervor and pace,
Aware of the evil still lying in wait.
But no matter the number of lights that snuff,
Evil will never stamp out enough
To even cast shadows on God’s true light,
For it’s by his glory I outlast the night.
Even when the devil finally softens one light,
There are millions more shining into the night.

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