Shadow Bird

Idea for this piece inspired by Patrick Griffin’s song, Shadow Bird. Highly recommend you listen to it while reading this poem. It can be heard here.


With but a breath he takes to flight,

Soaring with courage into the night.

He leaves on the branch all worry and fret,

He knows he’s not going back there, yet.

Darkness whispers her wisps away

As her shadows impose an eerie dismay,

Surrounding the creature with imminent fear

Though somehow he isn’t affected here.

She throws at him fury, vengeance, and spite

But he parries them all back into the night.

She cowers in horror for the very first time,

For usually she is the shudder down the spine.

This phantom, however, flies unfazed,

Feathers unruffled by nighttime’s display.

In desperation, she heaves all her might

And bombards the wraith with every bit of the night.

Still he soars, both strong and serene,

Resolved to slip and to stay unseen.

His wings are robust but flap unheard;

He owns the night, the shadow bird.

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