Among Mountains

Deep in the hills your peace is found;

Tucked between the mountains is your refuge.

My soul is quieted by the stillness;

My heart is calmed by the silence.

The majesty of creation astounds me;

I marvel at the work of your hands.

Mountaintops tower and valleys lie low;

Skies blow over and streams run through.

Chirping swallows accompany the crickets;

Woodpeckers drum as willows whisper.

In wonderful harmony they play;

They combine to delight my ears.

My soul is warmed by their song;

I am rendered breathless by their beauty.

How gentle and precise your touch;

How measured and perfect your hands;

How majestic is their work!

How marvelous is your creation!

I am overjoyed by the sights;

Overflowing with peace and gladness.

You, O Lord, are wonderful;

You, my God, are glorious.

How grateful am I for such life!

And grateful I always will be.

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