Hear the lifesong in which you breathe,

Ride the notes as they come and leave,

Feel the rhythm flow with such ease,

Savor your lifesong, and purely believe.

Indwell the lifesong that enraptures your soul,

Follow the trills wherever they roll,

Notice the moments that render you whole,

See before you your lifesong unfold.

If you’re panicked, pause.

If you’re uncertain, slow.

Your lifesong is coming,

Soon you will know.

There is no rush,

There is no haste.

Your lifesong is coming,

In patience wait.

Breathe in the joy of your heart being filled,

Delight in the peace of your world being stilled,

Embrace your lifesong and all of its thrills,

Marvel at the dreams your lifesong fulfills.

Carry on and carry strong.

Live your life’s true song.

Nestle in a lifetime long.

Breathe and be your lifesong.

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