New Life

To all who rest and rise and breathe,
To all who seek something in which to believe:
There’s more to life than the things we see,
At stake are our souls, and eternity.
We must let go of the pride we hold
And find inside each body the soul
That fervently cries and ardently yearns
For the Shepherd of Souls to return.
Without our King we roam alone,
Restless and empty, through valleys unknown
That create in between us chasms and voids,
Blocking us from the heavenly noise.
Selfish we stray so far from our source
That we no longer know between mirth and remorse;
All that we see are night black and blood red,
Asking the question: “Are we alive, or dead?”
But there exists hope in our far off place,
For the greater the sin, the greater the grace.
The Creator of all the universe longs
To forgive the sins of the world in throngs;
As long as they line up before His throne,
Every humble knee will be welcomed home.
And in return for such humility
He plants in you seeds of victory;
Freedom and courage come blossoming through
From the Spirit that colorfully blooms within you.
A new creation you feel the prominence
Of His eternal stamp of loving permanence;
Not one that dwindles or rots or decays
But one that will never be stripped away.
No more will you feel alone or forsaken,
Because your High King cannot be shaken.
So follow your purpose down this new path;
Abandon the ways of destruction and wrath.
Put your faith in the One of glory and power
Who will save you from even your darkest hour;
He will move you to a place that’s much less grim:
Eternity in heaven with Him.
So yield your life to Jesus Christ,
For He is the One that took your stripes.
He is the only Great I AM,
And for you He was slaughtered like a lamb.
But this is the price He wanted to pay:
He willingly spent three days in the grave
To win back the heart of every boy and girl;
They’re all His children; we are His world.
Ponder this life that He freely gives
Simply because He wants us to live
In His Kingdom of love and mercy and hope,
So take His hand, grab onto His rope.
Hear the hand that knocks on your door,
And let Him love you for evermore.

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