I have faith in what I hope for;

            I am certain of things unseen.

The universe was spoken by God;

            he formed it from invisible things.

He created us from dust of the earth,

            and to it we shall return.

But he indwells us with a Spirit

            that evermore will burn.

By faith in Christ we are saved

            because he’s defeated death.

He took every one of our lashes

            until they stole his last breath.

Three days he stayed inside the tomb,

            but then he rose again.

Just as the prophets had prophesied

            he redeemed us of our sin.

It’s faith in him that saves our souls

            from the pressing darkness of night.

This very same faith propels our souls

            to the Father of heavenly lights.

Forever we will sing of his glory,

            in dancing and in song.

Choir will shout and trumpet will blare

            for all of eternity long.

It’s faith that keeps us striving;

            faith in the things unseen.

For when we at last grow certain,

            we will be redeemed.

Through faith we conquer kingdoms

            through faith salvation is won.

Through faith we spend eternity

            with Father and Spirit and Son.

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