Dear Heavenly Father,

I am entirely in awe… In awe of who you are, in awe of how big you are, in awe of how you love me. I sometimes struggle to find the words. But that’s completely okay. My silence speaks volumes of how great you are. My silence says more than my words ever could.

I’m humbled by your majesty. I see the trees with their height and they bend for you. I see the seas with their depth and they rage for you. I see the mountains that tower over me and they bow for you. And here am I, so small. But I’ll bend and I’ll rage and I’ll bow, all for you. And somehow that’s all you ask. Lord God, you amaze me.

I’m inadequate yet I’m more than enough for you. I’m flawed yet you wash my stains away. In you I am new. There are no more trials too difficult. There are no more hardships too hard. There are no more days too impossible. In my mind there is peace. In my heart there is peace. In my soul there is peace. And I know where this peace comes from. It’s you Lord. You and you alone. You fill me up when I am empty. You renew my strength when I am weak. You grant me mercy when I stumble. You overcome all evils with your love.

Your love is all that I need. Father God, you are all that I need. I pray that I would forever be yours and that you would forever be mine. May it be just as you have always desired.


1 thought on “Awestruck

  1. There is so much strength in humility. There is so much majesty and beauty in simple submission. Bless you beyond imagination, bless you into trembling before HIS goodness.

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