Glory Song

Sing to the Lord, all the earth;
            call out his name, all creation.
Declare his glory before men,
            let no one go without hearing.
Young or old, woman or man,
            oppressed or free, bold or afraid,
Hear the words that creation sings;
            listen to the songs of joy.
The sun and moon proclaim his glory;
            the stars sing of his majesty.
Clouds, both white and grey,
            blissfully whisper his name.
The rains of the storm call loudly
            and fall on no deaf ears.
The mountaintops shout his praises;
            over all the earth they sing.
The trees bend and sway in his breeze;
            jubilant they clap their hands.
The rocks cry out and the grains of sand call;
            even the dust sings his name.
Since creation they’ve been crying;
            since the beginning they’ve sung.
The skies and heavens rejoice;
            hear the trumpets blare,
The waves of the sea resound,
            they rumble and roar in worship.
Creatures of all kinds adore him;
            they burst into beautiful song;
They stomp to the rhythm of life;
            their cadence is infectious.
Fields of grass and wheat sing loud;
            lakes and streams cry in chorus.
The songs are overpowering;
            all exalting the Lord.
The sound is overwhelming;
            it echoes in bones and in souls.
Listen as the earth cries out,
            listen and be amazed;
Hear the glories of the Lord;
            hear his creation sing!

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