The Subtlest Flame

Beneath the cold waters that flow overhead

            there burns a stubborn flame.

Often I focus on the downpour instead,

            getting myself caught in the rain.

But even when the rivers rush over me,

            this little flame, it glows.

Even when the floods draw me into the sea,

            it burns still brightly, I know.

It flickers with warmth and never fails,

            despite the torrents that fall.

For even though my bones are frail,

            I know my flame stands tall.

Enduring the harsh and bitter wind

            it overcomes the cold.

Deep in my soul it’s been rooted in,

            planted since days of old.

The fire flickers and heats my heart,

            passing on threads of hope.

And like a brilliant work of art

            intertwine the sparks and smoke.

It matters not the storms that rage,

            nor the oceans that roll.

For each new day is a blank white page,

            lit by the flame of my soul.

Fueled by the Spirit it never dwindles,

            growing stronger each hour.

It burns ever brighter and always kindles

            God’s glory and his power.

The subtlest flame overbears the sea

            despite its breadth and depth.

So evermore burns the life within me,

            forever laying rest to death.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I am entirely in awe… In awe of who you are, in awe of how big you are, in awe of how you love me. I sometimes struggle to find the words. But that’s completely okay. My silence speaks volumes of how great you are. My silence says more than my words ever could.

I’m humbled by your majesty. I see the trees with their height and they bend for you. I see the seas with their depth and they rage for you. I see the mountains that tower over me and they bow for you. And here am I, so small. But I’ll bend and I’ll rage and I’ll bow, all for you. And somehow that’s all you ask. Lord God, you amaze me.

I’m inadequate yet I’m more than enough for you. I’m flawed yet you wash my stains away. In you I am new. There are no more trials too difficult. There are no more hardships too hard. There are no more days too impossible. In my mind there is peace. In my heart there is peace. In my soul there is peace. And I know where this peace comes from. It’s you Lord. You and you alone. You fill me up when I am empty. You renew my strength when I am weak. You grant me mercy when I stumble. You overcome all evils with your love.

Your love is all that I need. Father God, you are all that I need. I pray that I would forever be yours and that you would forever be mine. May it be just as you have always desired.



all is quiet on the homefront.

or maybe it just seems that way for now.

in fact, nothing’s ever quiet in life.

except for that place nestled at the bottom of our soul.

but we rarely find ourselves there.

we mostly surround ourselves with noise.

loud noise.

war and work and worry each beat to their own drum.

and they never fall in line.

they thud and clash and shriek and keep us from our solace.

the city never sleeps and nor do we.

the storms keep us from sleeping.

lights fade and clouds roll in.

our eyes spot the darkness and our hearts await the downpour.

we hear the thunder clap and expect the lightning’s crack to split more than the distant sky.

drops fall in sheets and torrents.

water floods our world.

we see the skies grow greyer still and await a grievous encore.

but something sweet hangs in the air.

suspended as if by the fog.

we can’t see it or touch it or hear it or smell it or taste it.

but we feel it.

we feel that silence in our soul.

we feel that there’s something more than this world and its weight.

there’s more than woes and sorrows.

for storms are only temporary.

the trials of this life are short.

even what good we find in this world will wither.

even what beauty we see will fade with the setting sun.

the color of the wildflower drains.

the strength of youth dwindles.

but there is something more to be had.

something permanent blooms from within us.

something powerful and real.

this absolute has no alternative.

this truth has no refute.

this wellspring cannot run dry.

this fount will not run out.

so waste no anxiety on storms.

climb over hardships like fences.

be not distracted by fleeting beauty.

ignore the allure of youth.

be resolute and encouraged.

be inspired and stouthearted.

be expectant and jubilant.

for the time is coming soon for this vapor to pass.

this brief wind will soon blow over.

unshaken and immovable our time will come.

it will arise and it will not end.

for it has been promised to us.


O That I Would Be The Sea

O that I would be the sea,

Lord that you would deepen me.

Whatever your will, let it be,

O that I would be the sea.

Whenever it storms, let me roll,

Like the high seas, let rage my soul.

When it rains, let me catch the tears,

Let me swallow the whole of every fear.

Like waves of the ocean, let me flow,

Create in me life; let me glow.

Let me reflect the light of your sun

And then the moon once night has begun.

On the surface, let me be still,

Let me reveal the peace in your will.

Beneath the water, make me profound,

Deep like the place where wisdom resounds.

O that I would be the sea,

Lord that you would deepen me.

Whatever your will, let it be,

O that I would be the sea.

Glory Song

Sing to the Lord, all the earth;
            call out his name, all creation.
Declare his glory before men,
            let no one go without hearing.
Young or old, woman or man,
            oppressed or free, bold or afraid,
Hear the words that creation sings;
            listen to the songs of joy.
The sun and moon proclaim his glory;
            the stars sing of his majesty.
Clouds, both white and grey,
            blissfully whisper his name.
The rains of the storm call loudly
            and fall on no deaf ears.
The mountaintops shout his praises;
            over all the earth they sing.
The trees bend and sway in his breeze;
            jubilant they clap their hands.
The rocks cry out and the grains of sand call;
            even the dust sings his name.
Since creation they’ve been crying;
            since the beginning they’ve sung.
The skies and heavens rejoice;
            hear the trumpets blare,
The waves of the sea resound,
            they rumble and roar in worship.
Creatures of all kinds adore him;
            they burst into beautiful song;
They stomp to the rhythm of life;
            their cadence is infectious.
Fields of grass and wheat sing loud;
            lakes and streams cry in chorus.
The songs are overpowering;
            all exalting the Lord.
The sound is overwhelming;
            it echoes in bones and in souls.
Listen as the earth cries out,
            listen and be amazed;
Hear the glories of the Lord;
            hear his creation sing!