The Cost of Following

There’s a cost of following the Giver of Life;

A steep price if you truly wish to follow the Christ.

He seeks not your shekels but something within;

Your coins and possessions are no good to him.

One man met him while walking the road;

He said, “I will follow you, wherever you go.”

But this man was not ready for the words he would hear;

Christ gave a response that instilled in him fear:

“Foxes have their dens and birds their nests,

But the Son of Man has nowhere to rest.”

There’s a cost of following the Son of Man;

A commitment to follow him with everything you can.

He seeks not a moment, nor just one day;

Jesus asks that you give much more his way.

“Follow me,” Jesus said to another,

But the man was waiting to bury his father.

He only needed a few more days

Yet Jesus answered him with this simple phrase:

“Leave the dead to bury their own;

Go and bring others to the foot of God’s throne.”

There’s a cost of following the Shepherd of Souls;

A lifetime promise, not just a one-time toll.

He seeks not a payment but all of your heart;

He wants every piece of you, even the broken parts.

“Lord, I will follow you,” still another said,

Though he went home to say goodbye instead.

He missed his moment by looking back

When Christ wanted to bring him on eternity’s track:
“Don’t look to the past or put your hand to the plow,

For the Kingdom of God begins right now.”

There’s a cost of following the Begotten Son of God;

A desire to go where the saints have trod.

He seeks not perfection but the heart that is true,

He longs just to love us; he wants all of you.

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