A downward spiral is a beautiful sight, sometimes. It extracts the soul from its hollow depths and transports it to a place that’s exposed, raw. No shrinking or huddling protects a soul from shattering to pieces. The beauty comes from the reconstructed masterpiece that so greatly outshines its predecessor that pain becomes an old friend. Were it not for tragedy and sorrow there would not exist such resilience. It’s resilience that transcends hardship; that recreates the soul in such a manner that broken pieces become possibilities. Shards of the soul consist of such charisma, depth, and intricacy that they often go unnoticed as part of a whole. But once broken, rekindled, and truly seen, they never fail to amaze. These shards of the soul are purely breathtaking.

1 thought on “Resilience

  1. “These shards of the soul are purely breathtaking.”

    Like prisms within a kaleidoscope, these shards of the soul are purely breathtaking when held up to the Light, the mirror of our soul, the hope of resiliency.

    I, for one, am appreciating the beauty that is shining through your life and your words, outshining the former pain and loss. Thank you for letting the Light shine through you and your words.

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