The Cost of Following

There’s a cost of following the Giver of Life;

A steep price if you truly wish to follow the Christ.

He seeks not your shekels but something within;

Your coins and possessions are no good to him.

One man met him while walking the road;

He said, “I will follow you, wherever you go.”

But this man was not ready for the words he would hear;

Christ gave a response that instilled in him fear:

“Foxes have their dens and birds their nests,

But the Son of Man has nowhere to rest.”

There’s a cost of following the Son of Man;

A commitment to follow him with everything you can.

He seeks not a moment, nor just one day;

Jesus asks that you give much more his way.

“Follow me,” Jesus said to another,

But the man was waiting to bury his father.

He only needed a few more days

Yet Jesus answered him with this simple phrase:

“Leave the dead to bury their own;

Go and bring others to the foot of God’s throne.”

There’s a cost of following the Shepherd of Souls;

A lifetime promise, not just a one-time toll.

He seeks not a payment but all of your heart;

He wants every piece of you, even the broken parts.

“Lord, I will follow you,” still another said,

Though he went home to say goodbye instead.

He missed his moment by looking back

When Christ wanted to bring him on eternity’s track:
“Don’t look to the past or put your hand to the plow,

For the Kingdom of God begins right now.”

There’s a cost of following the Begotten Son of God;

A desire to go where the saints have trod.

He seeks not perfection but the heart that is true,

He longs just to love us; he wants all of you.

Owl Among the Ruins

I am like a desert owl,

            like an owl among the ruins.

Below me a city is blighted

            in piles of rubble and stone.

Embers burn in silent cries,

            smoke chokes out the tears.

On the ground all is desolate,

            the grass of the field has withered.

Skin and bones are but remnants

            of dwellings that once were filled.

The days are darkened by ash

            and so nighttime is commonplace here.

There are sparse groans of anguish,

            rare cries for relief arise.

Though they are squashed by the quiet,

            the cries are muffled by the ruins.

I am like a desert owl,

            circling overhead in the sky.

Like an owl among the ruins

            I see solace amidst the rubble.

Others find loss and despair,

            they see only wreckage and death.

But, there in the ruins lies promise,

            pieces of debris become hope.

I am like a desert owl,

            I pass beneath the moon and the sun.

Like an owl among the ruins

            I see beauty where others find none.


A downward spiral is a beautiful sight, sometimes. It extracts the soul from its hollow depths and transports it to a place that’s exposed, raw. No shrinking or huddling protects a soul from shattering to pieces. The beauty comes from the reconstructed masterpiece that so greatly outshines its predecessor that pain becomes an old friend. Were it not for tragedy and sorrow there would not exist such resilience. It’s resilience that transcends hardship; that recreates the soul in such a manner that broken pieces become possibilities. Shards of the soul consist of such charisma, depth, and intricacy that they often go unnoticed as part of a whole. But once broken, rekindled, and truly seen, they never fail to amaze. These shards of the soul are purely breathtaking.

For Evermore

To those of you who doubt,
To those of you who wonder,
To all of you who flounder
And still keep sinking under,
To those who feel unloved,
To those who pay the tolls,
To all who carry burdens
And still have empty souls,
To those who try to earn it,
To those who haven’t been told,
To all who’ve turned away
And those whose blood runs cold.
To those who’ve given up,
To those who have forgotten,
To all who feel unworthy
And those that just feel rotten,

Please don’t doubt or wonder,
Don’t flounder or be pulled under,
Don’t feel unloved or pay any tolls,
Or carry burdens or have empty souls,
Don’t try to earn it, don’t go untold,
Don’t turn away or stand in the cold,
Please don’t give up, and never forget,
We may be unworthy but that’ll change yet.

God will answer, God will come through,
He’ll save you from sinking out in the blue,
Christ loves you and he paid the price,
He carries your burdens and gives your soul life,
He’s already done it so hear his story,
He’s calling you back with all of his glory,
He’ll be your strength so don’t lose heart,
His wisdom and healing he longs to impart,
He’ll be your buckler, he’ll be your shield,
Evil may press but he’ll never yield.
Just for you he went down to the grave,
It’s you he wants to love and to save,
So open your soul, he knocks at your door,
And let him love you for evermore.
For evermore.

Simply Beautiful

In my darkest hour,
            you light the way;
You brighten my skies
            whenever they’re gray.
Oh Lord, you’re beautiful.

Whenever I stumble,
            you lift me back up,
And when I feel empty,
            you fill my cup.
Oh Lord, you’re beautiful.

When hope is gone,
            you are my peace;
Like a river you flow
            and never cease.
Oh Lord, you’re beautiful.

Deep in my soul
            is where you are;
When the night is dark
            you shine like the stars.
Oh Lord, you’re beautiful.

Your love, oh Lord,
            is bountiful;
And you, oh Lord,
            are beautiful.
Oh Lord, you’re beautiful.