Rhapsody of the Soul

Vacantly void was the flat of my soul,

Uninhabited and depressed;

It was caving in to the weight of the world,

Deprived of peace and rest.

There was no comfort or joy in my bones,

Just a monotonous beat;

My body was numbed by the rather harsh tones

That rumbled down my soul street.

I had somehow become the muse of sadness,

Deflated and uninspired;

I longed to break free of the pressing madness

But there I was in the mire.


Then came this jolt of heavenly vigor

To graciously startle my soul;

It was just the beginning, the fire, the trigger

That set my bones to roll.

This weightlessness enraptured my thirsty spirit,

Awakening my cumbersome depths;

Along came the joy, and galloping near it,

An abundance of glorious breaths.

This radiance now bursts from somewhere inside;

Over and over it flows!

Like a jubilant sea of euphonious tides,

Forever this rhapsody goes!

1 thought on “Rhapsody of the Soul

  1. Love the image of “galloping joy”! It truly does shake you from darkness and depression, when you allow the Light penetrate your soul. Thank you for this ray of light today,

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