James 1: The Father of Heavenly Lights

Though trials knock on my door,

            my joy is still pure.

Though my faith is being tested,

            by perseverance I’ll endure.

For when this work is finished,

            nothing will I lack,

Because when I ask for wisdom,

            God answers right back.

And when I ask I must not doubt

            but earnestly believe,

For he who doubts the Lord

            nothing will receive.

Blessed will be the brother

            whose circumstance is humble

But woe is to the rich man

            for he will stumble.

Forever secure I will be

            because I persevere;

I’ll receive the crown of life

            when Christ returns here.

Desire becomes sin

            and sin becomes death,

But all good and perfect things

            come from God’s breath.

So do not be deceived

            by shadows of the night

Because we are the firstfruits

            of the Father of Heavenly Lights.

7 thoughts on “James 1: The Father of Heavenly Lights

  1. You really need to be published. There is too much God-given wisdom and revelation in your writings for them not be read in a broader audience.

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  3. I agree…this is worthy of publication, beautiful! A wonderful verse to set to music, too. Excellent writing, a flowing stream of hope and joy.

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