Holy Wedding

This is the story of a Bride and a Groom

That spent too many days apart.

The Bride was trapped, as in the womb,

Until now, where eternity starts!

Astray was the Bride as a leaf in the wind

While her Groom was estranged and forgotten.

The Bride was rampant in flesh and in sin,

Unaware of her Groom, God’s Begotten.

A harlot she roamed, degrading her gift,

Distracted by the darkness all around.

Only once the Spirit began to shift

Was the light of the Groom finally found.

Though the Bride fell, in rue, to her knees

As the Groom took her face in His hands.

She then saw His scars and began to seize

Until He told her that all of it was planned.

Still she trembled in the strength of His arms

So He swayed her, soft and slow.

Never again will the Bride face harm

Because the Groom will never let go.

Though she wandered as the prodigal son,

The Groom forgives her for it all.

His love for her will not be undone,

And never again will she fall.

He holds her tenderly, close to His chest,

As she breathes in His endless grace.

She slowly realizes the love He’s professed

And she blankly stares at His face.

Deep are His eyes, buried in thought,

As if He were holding the whole world.

It’s then she discovers her soul has been bought

And it’s only by His stripes she’s a free girl.

Again she breaks, but this time He holds

For He promised He’d never let her out.

So she opens her mouth and praise unfolds

As she sees what eternity’s all about.

She sings and sings and sings to His glory

While the two embrace together.

Finally the Groom gets to finish His story

And His Bride will be with Him forever.

At last in matrimony the two will lock

Because for far too long they were apart.

Though now the Bride recognizes her Rock

And yields to Him the whole of her heart.

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