Teachers of the World

To those who have been called,
To you teachers of boys and girls, and them all,
This is for you.
You aspire to teach and for them to learn,
You’re in it for the love, not the money that you’ll earn.
You join the trenches bravely with fire
And feel as if no one could crush your desire
To instill in them the wisdom of a learner’s heart,
But there comes that moment when dreams seem torn apart.
The passion is missing or buried away
Some place deep down and now you’re afraid
That the children will notice you’re not on your game,
When you just want to love them the same.
Well, hear this rally; hear this cry
And don’t let that fire within you die.
You were placed with a purpose onto this earth
That was evident to you at your soul’s rebirth;
You were brought to this place to breathe and to shine
In the lives of others this glory divine
That Christ possesses and gives unto us,
To share it with others, we must.
So hear these words when teaching gets hard
And all around you grows dark.
Your job is blesséd and you are blessed,
And you have been called, unlike the rest,
To mend the minds of our planet’s youth.
You are their source of truth.
So provide for them a comforting and burgeoning space
That lets them discover and explore, but feel safe.
Get to know their hearts and not just their names;
Be open and honest, and they’ll be the same.
Challenge and encourage them; stretch them beyond.
Give them the blocks to build their lives upon.
Instill in them the hunger to change and to grow
Into thoughtful men and women that don’t go with the flow.
Show them what it means to contribute to the world,
And that it can be changed by just a boy or a girl.
Find teachable moments that demonstrate morality,
Like lessons of humility, forgiveness, and hospitality.
Change mindsets and penetrate hearts.
Expose them to culture; let them create art.
Get them involved, engaged, and excited,
Show them their light and tell them never to hide it.
Connect to their lives; surge deeper still
And don’t let them off the hook until
You see that light bulb come on in their minds;
For them, it will click a million more times.
Strengthen, empower, lead, and guide;
These are the abilities God’s given you inside,
So exceed the norm; don’t be just another,
But love these children like your sister and your brother.
Be patient whenever you get the opportunity.
Wear a joyful countenance and garner positivity.
Equip every child not just to survive
But to excel, to outstand, to blossom, and to thrive.
These precious little ones are not the world’s zeroes;
No, you are teaching and inspiring heroes.
With you they will realize their strength to overcome
All the world throws at them, and then some.
So inspire, motivate, uplift, and extol.
Teach from the heart, and to the soul.
Be gentle, be kind, serve, and serve well,
In the classroom, on the playground, and after the bell.
Testify to truth, be washers of feet.
You’re a fisher of men, whomever you meet.
Be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God,
Because Christ has picked you for his team, his squad.
Be rooted in His love and manifest His grace
As you train these children in righteousness.
Be a good steward for your work is not in vain,
So don’t hang your head, give up, or complain.
You are unmovable, the light of the world
And the children are flags about to unfurl.
Stay true to yourself and remain steadfast
And the impact you’re making will surely last.
For there is no law against love, my friends,
So abound in the work of God through the end,
And into the depths of their hearts you will reach.
So go, my fellow teachers, and teach.

4 thoughts on “Teachers of the World

  1. As a teacher, this was just the positive, motivating encouragement I needed today! Bless you for recognizing an oft-overlooked profession.

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