Daily I awake inside this dream

To find that life is not as it seems.

It’s crazy that this world keeps spinning ‘round,

Yet everyone’s eyes are fixed on the ground

Rather than searching for something higher,

Something to seek, something to inspire.

It’s the daily things like work and time

That thoughtless people have on their minds.

They never bother looking over, or up;

The little they have is apparently enough.

But the more I dream the more I see

That there’s so much more than we perceive;

If only we’d pause to slow ourselves down

Maybe we’d recognize the secrets around

That aren’t truly hidden, but to us they are

Because we haven’t been seeking them so far.

There’s truth and light and grace and love

In the vast, eternal heavens above.

Surrounded by clouds of holy breath

We learn that life exists beyond death.

God is real and He honestly cares,

And He sees it all where He sits up there.

But even though He seems so afar

He also dwells deep within our hearts.

So wake up, my friends, and look around;

You’ll see the Creator staring back down,

But better yet, you should look inside

And there in your soul, don’t be surprised,

Is the Holy Spirit, ablaze yet serene.

So wake up for real and join this dream.

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