Where light once shone, darkness has stayed awhile

So we hear the words, “What have you done, child?”

We tremble in angst and brace for our fears

That have since convinced us we’ll rot down here.

Once there was hope, once we were jolly,

Though now we are rueful of such reckless folly.

Gone is the thought that before found us hopeful;

Bought is the lie that has rendered us woeful.

We look out at the world and see it so grand,

Yet inward we suffer from some harsh reprimand.

Black is the night, and darker still our own souls;

This ocean overwhelms, over faith it rolls.


Then burgeons this light, bursting forth from some fount,

Which over our folly and fear surmounts.

Our chains are loosed ‘til we know this freedom

Uniquely bestowed by the eternal Kingdom.

How gracious is the King, so powerful and just,

As He frees us from the bondage of greed and lust.

He removes the fetters, breaking cleanly the iron

With the meekness of a lamb and the roar of a lion.

Humble yet mighty, He shoulders our sins

And tosses them soundly into the grave they buried Him in.

“Never again will darkness live on,

For with me, my children, you will tread the dawn.”

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