Rhapsody of the Soul

Vacantly void was the flat of my soul,

Uninhabited and depressed;

It was caving in to the weight of the world,

Deprived of peace and rest.

There was no comfort or joy in my bones,

Just a monotonous beat;

My body was numbed by the rather harsh tones

That rumbled down my soul street.

I had somehow become the muse of sadness,

Deflated and uninspired;

I longed to break free of the pressing madness

But there I was in the mire.


Then came this jolt of heavenly vigor

To graciously startle my soul;

It was just the beginning, the fire, the trigger

That set my bones to roll.

This weightlessness enraptured my thirsty spirit,

Awakening my cumbersome depths;

Along came the joy, and galloping near it,

An abundance of glorious breaths.

This radiance now bursts from somewhere inside;

Over and over it flows!

Like a jubilant sea of euphonious tides,

Forever this rhapsody goes!

James 1: The Father of Heavenly Lights

Though trials knock on my door,

            my joy is still pure.

Though my faith is being tested,

            by perseverance I’ll endure.

For when this work is finished,

            nothing will I lack,

Because when I ask for wisdom,

            God answers right back.

And when I ask I must not doubt

            but earnestly believe,

For he who doubts the Lord

            nothing will receive.

Blessed will be the brother

            whose circumstance is humble

But woe is to the rich man

            for he will stumble.

Forever secure I will be

            because I persevere;

I’ll receive the crown of life

            when Christ returns here.

Desire becomes sin

            and sin becomes death,

But all good and perfect things

            come from God’s breath.

So do not be deceived

            by shadows of the night

Because we are the firstfruits

            of the Father of Heavenly Lights.

Holy Wedding

This is the story of a Bride and a Groom

That spent too many days apart.

The Bride was trapped, as in the womb,

Until now, where eternity starts!

Astray was the Bride as a leaf in the wind

While her Groom was estranged and forgotten.

The Bride was rampant in flesh and in sin,

Unaware of her Groom, God’s Begotten.

A harlot she roamed, degrading her gift,

Distracted by the darkness all around.

Only once the Spirit began to shift

Was the light of the Groom finally found.

Though the Bride fell, in rue, to her knees

As the Groom took her face in His hands.

She then saw His scars and began to seize

Until He told her that all of it was planned.

Still she trembled in the strength of His arms

So He swayed her, soft and slow.

Never again will the Bride face harm

Because the Groom will never let go.

Though she wandered as the prodigal son,

The Groom forgives her for it all.

His love for her will not be undone,

And never again will she fall.

He holds her tenderly, close to His chest,

As she breathes in His endless grace.

She slowly realizes the love He’s professed

And she blankly stares at His face.

Deep are His eyes, buried in thought,

As if He were holding the whole world.

It’s then she discovers her soul has been bought

And it’s only by His stripes she’s a free girl.

Again she breaks, but this time He holds

For He promised He’d never let her out.

So she opens her mouth and praise unfolds

As she sees what eternity’s all about.

She sings and sings and sings to His glory

While the two embrace together.

Finally the Groom gets to finish His story

And His Bride will be with Him forever.

At last in matrimony the two will lock

Because for far too long they were apart.

Though now the Bride recognizes her Rock

And yields to Him the whole of her heart.

Teachers of the World

To those who have been called,
To you teachers of boys and girls, and them all,
This is for you.
You aspire to teach and for them to learn,
You’re in it for the love, not the money that you’ll earn.
You join the trenches bravely with fire
And feel as if no one could crush your desire
To instill in them the wisdom of a learner’s heart,
But there comes that moment when dreams seem torn apart.
The passion is missing or buried away
Some place deep down and now you’re afraid
That the children will notice you’re not on your game,
When you just want to love them the same.
Well, hear this rally; hear this cry
And don’t let that fire within you die.
You were placed with a purpose onto this earth
That was evident to you at your soul’s rebirth;
You were brought to this place to breathe and to shine
In the lives of others this glory divine
That Christ possesses and gives unto us,
To share it with others, we must.
So hear these words when teaching gets hard
And all around you grows dark.
Your job is blesséd and you are blessed,
And you have been called, unlike the rest,
To mend the minds of our planet’s youth.
You are their source of truth.
So provide for them a comforting and burgeoning space
That lets them discover and explore, but feel safe.
Get to know their hearts and not just their names;
Be open and honest, and they’ll be the same.
Challenge and encourage them; stretch them beyond.
Give them the blocks to build their lives upon.
Instill in them the hunger to change and to grow
Into thoughtful men and women that don’t go with the flow.
Show them what it means to contribute to the world,
And that it can be changed by just a boy or a girl.
Find teachable moments that demonstrate morality,
Like lessons of humility, forgiveness, and hospitality.
Change mindsets and penetrate hearts.
Expose them to culture; let them create art.
Get them involved, engaged, and excited,
Show them their light and tell them never to hide it.
Connect to their lives; surge deeper still
And don’t let them off the hook until
You see that light bulb come on in their minds;
For them, it will click a million more times.
Strengthen, empower, lead, and guide;
These are the abilities God’s given you inside,
So exceed the norm; don’t be just another,
But love these children like your sister and your brother.
Be patient whenever you get the opportunity.
Wear a joyful countenance and garner positivity.
Equip every child not just to survive
But to excel, to outstand, to blossom, and to thrive.
These precious little ones are not the world’s zeroes;
No, you are teaching and inspiring heroes.
With you they will realize their strength to overcome
All the world throws at them, and then some.
So inspire, motivate, uplift, and extol.
Teach from the heart, and to the soul.
Be gentle, be kind, serve, and serve well,
In the classroom, on the playground, and after the bell.
Testify to truth, be washers of feet.
You’re a fisher of men, whomever you meet.
Be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God,
Because Christ has picked you for his team, his squad.
Be rooted in His love and manifest His grace
As you train these children in righteousness.
Be a good steward for your work is not in vain,
So don’t hang your head, give up, or complain.
You are unmovable, the light of the world
And the children are flags about to unfurl.
Stay true to yourself and remain steadfast
And the impact you’re making will surely last.
For there is no law against love, my friends,
So abound in the work of God through the end,
And into the depths of their hearts you will reach.
So go, my fellow teachers, and teach.


Daily I awake inside this dream

To find that life is not as it seems.

It’s crazy that this world keeps spinning ‘round,

Yet everyone’s eyes are fixed on the ground

Rather than searching for something higher,

Something to seek, something to inspire.

It’s the daily things like work and time

That thoughtless people have on their minds.

They never bother looking over, or up;

The little they have is apparently enough.

But the more I dream the more I see

That there’s so much more than we perceive;

If only we’d pause to slow ourselves down

Maybe we’d recognize the secrets around

That aren’t truly hidden, but to us they are

Because we haven’t been seeking them so far.

There’s truth and light and grace and love

In the vast, eternal heavens above.

Surrounded by clouds of holy breath

We learn that life exists beyond death.

God is real and He honestly cares,

And He sees it all where He sits up there.

But even though He seems so afar

He also dwells deep within our hearts.

So wake up, my friends, and look around;

You’ll see the Creator staring back down,

But better yet, you should look inside

And there in your soul, don’t be surprised,

Is the Holy Spirit, ablaze yet serene.

So wake up for real and join this dream.


Where light once shone, darkness has stayed awhile

So we hear the words, “What have you done, child?”

We tremble in angst and brace for our fears

That have since convinced us we’ll rot down here.

Once there was hope, once we were jolly,

Though now we are rueful of such reckless folly.

Gone is the thought that before found us hopeful;

Bought is the lie that has rendered us woeful.

We look out at the world and see it so grand,

Yet inward we suffer from some harsh reprimand.

Black is the night, and darker still our own souls;

This ocean overwhelms, over faith it rolls.


Then burgeons this light, bursting forth from some fount,

Which over our folly and fear surmounts.

Our chains are loosed ‘til we know this freedom

Uniquely bestowed by the eternal Kingdom.

How gracious is the King, so powerful and just,

As He frees us from the bondage of greed and lust.

He removes the fetters, breaking cleanly the iron

With the meekness of a lamb and the roar of a lion.

Humble yet mighty, He shoulders our sins

And tosses them soundly into the grave they buried Him in.

“Never again will darkness live on,

For with me, my children, you will tread the dawn.”

Triumphant Entry

The world spins round its chaotic thrill

And our hearts pound, but our souls are still.

Deep oceans ravage and mountains, they soar,

But our eyes aren’t intimidated anymore.

Torrents of rain overwhelm the earth

As we marvel in awe at our blessed rebirth.

There are no words,

            only the moment we come alive.

And this is the time

            when we’re not afraid to die.

The devil presses sharply into our skin

But he’ll never touch the Spirit within.

The black enshrouds and light, it fades,

And we see no solace there in the shade.

But impenetrable souls fear can’t possess

For ours have been by Savior blessed.

There are no words,

            only the moment we know inside.

And this is the time

            when we lay down our pride.

The devil may grasp at our life with his death,

But never will he steal our eternal breath.

One light dwindles but a far greater one blooms

As we enter into the holiest of rooms.

We see before us a glory of hosts

Praising Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost.

There are no words,

            only the moment we arrive.

And this will be the time

            when we know that we’re alive.