Adoration, I say.

Dancing winds carry away the world,

Over fields of grief and sorrow they

Reveal a glimmer in the nighttime sky

Against all odds, and city lights.

The whisper of weightlessness

Is whimsically sweet and

O so sweetly whimsical!

Now hold on tight, and you will see.

Adoration, I say.

Divine ghosts sweep you

Off your feet and silence the clamor of

Raucous, startling overtones.

Are you holding on tightly still?

Tender swirls of fruition

Inhabit your vulnerable soul, jubilant!

Often they whisk you away; you only

Need listen, and be whisked.

Adoration, I say,

Delivers our thirsty bones,

Our delicate and dainty bones, from

Rampant and tiresome woes.

Adoration! What beautiful

Truth flows forth from

Inside our bones,

Our drenched and replenished bones!

Now adore, I say, adore.

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