Adoration, I say.

Dancing winds carry away the world,

Over fields of grief and sorrow they

Reveal a glimmer in the nighttime sky

Against all odds, and city lights.

The whisper of weightlessness

Is whimsically sweet and

O so sweetly whimsical!

Now hold on tight, and you will see.

Adoration, I say.

Divine ghosts sweep you

Off your feet and silence the clamor of

Raucous, startling overtones.

Are you holding on tightly still?

Tender swirls of fruition

Inhabit your vulnerable soul, jubilant!

Often they whisk you away; you only

Need listen, and be whisked.

Adoration, I say,

Delivers our thirsty bones,

Our delicate and dainty bones, from

Rampant and tiresome woes.

Adoration! What beautiful

Truth flows forth from

Inside our bones,

Our drenched and replenished bones!

Now adore, I say, adore.

Christ Our Savior

Long ago was the prophecy told

            of a boy that would grace the earth;

it was writ of him that he would uphold

            the throne of David from birth.

He shall be called Wonderful Counselor,

            Mighty God, and Prince of Peace,

likewise our Father who lasts forever,

            whose reign will never cease.

Though he was born in just a trough

            as he descended from heaven, his home,

and though he left us, pierced on a cross,

            resurrected, he sits enthroned.

Humbly our King stepped down from above

            counting his glory no loss;

for Jesus came to show mercy and love

            to the outcast, to the lost.

Christ the Lord was righteous and just

            seeking not riches or fame;

he only sought to find men he could trust

            that would spread the gospel, his name.

Even as Jesus was hung on the cross,

            he asked his Father to forgive,

yet our souls cannot even fathom the cost

            of what Christ our Savior did.

Three days later he rose from the depths,

            saving us all from our sin;

never could we measure the breadth

            of the love he showers us in.

This boy who was born many years ago,

            by shepherd and wisemen adored,

is also the one by whom we will go

            as we fall at the feet of our Lord.

Memories and Dreams

Memories and dreams swirl together

Creating this awful, inclement weather.

Deeply you delve in your muddy mind

In search of division, hoping to find

An obvious chasm or sizable space

Like that between the eyes on your face,

But no such distinction is there to be had;

The two intertwine, ironclad.

Memories of yesterday and those from youth

Seem to be fading and yielding their truth,

But you have no power to tell them, “No,”

And so they muddle, so they go.

Dreams hover like breath in the cold

For they seem so vibrant, and eerily bold,

As if you lived them once before

Or are these moments still in store?

Your lungs thump while your heart breathes

As you wish these backward days would leave,

Though you see no sign of soon relief

So again you strain to find belief.

But then you realize the truth they share

That latches the two and holds them there;

You come to peace, with the grey in between,

To dream of memories and remember the dreams.

Set Apart, As One

I knew from the very beginning, by the beat in my blood,

that I was born to live and born to shine and born to be


Although the storm raged, I always felt peace in the flood,

even when darkness was all around, I could always see


I knew in my heart I was different, somewhere deep down

the beckoning thrived and it spoke to me with clarity:


It was as if the High King of all the universe, crowned,

stooped to revive my soul, saying with utmost sincerity:


All doubt has gone from my lungs, for ardently and inward I yearn

to impact this enormous world with one selfless


In humility and grace to serve and to love I burn;

To breathe bright and believe in the light, as all else


The dream remains to someday dwell as one heart

with all creation, just as the Lord intended from day one,


For I, like every other, by Christ have been set apart

To take part in this glorious work, which has only just begun:


Corrective Lens

Born into oblivion, magnified by youth

Onto the vast lens of this place called earth,

We see but a speck, though to us it’s our truth

For we’ve known nothing else since our birth.

Our hearts latch on, our nails scrape the walls

Because we fear the unknown outside of our hands;

We perceive as torrents these delicate squalls,

We know not the unlimited measure of sands.

But then in the scope, corrected is our gaze

As we recognize the frailty of our souls;

It is now that we’re found yet lost in this maze

That tugs on us from those opposite poles.

We question our vigor, we doubt our past

For the myth of infancy has been derailed,

And silently we pause to sigh, alas,

Until we admit that life’s short, and we’re frail.

Always Christmas

There in the manger his body lay,

Wrapped in his mother’s arms;

For there was no other place to stay

To keep this child warm.

The night was quiet and filled with peace

As shepherds came to see,

Just as the wisemen from the east,

Down on bended knee.

They brought their gifts of good intent,

All they had to spare:

Myrrh, gold, and frankincense

They laid before him there.

But little did these gentlemen know

What this boy would do;

Not even his parents who watched him grow

Could have known what Jesus knew.

This baby boy all wrapped in cloth

Was God in flesh from above;

He had come to rescue the lost,

To let them feel his love.

This little babe so still and sweet

Is our redeeming King;

One day in heaven, Him we’ll meet

And praises we will sing.

Christmas is the time of year

We think of this young boy,

But always we should have this cheer

For Christ is our true joy.