Guile of the Flame

All is quiet; all is still, except for the flickering flame.

I solemnly close my eyes until my soul reflects the same.

Once alive, I open my eyes and stare into the fire.

And there, within the warmth, it lies: my oft-elusive desire.

Light proceeds into my soul, which then pervades right back.

And no more does that grisly coal imbrue my life with black.

I gaze into the steady flame and see what there awaits.

Inside there breathes a brighter frame enhanced by pearly gates.

There speaks into my heart a word that captivates my all.

Again, I listen, but none is heard whispering this call.

A chill then skitters down my spine, as if one spoke my name.

But the only shadow there is mine… only mine and the flame’s.

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