I’ve led myself straight to the slaughter,
I’ve forgotten who I am,
I’ve abused your love, O Father,
I’ve added stripes to the lamb.
I’m sorry for breaking your heart,
I’m sorry I’ve done it again,
I wish I could pay for my part
But I cannot cover my sin.
It pains me to see you above,
Hanging upon the cross.
You’re suspended there in your love,
Without which I’d be lost.
I will never earn your grace,
Yet you pour it over my soul.
In the light I see your face,
In your presence I feel whole.
Help me to shine your light,
To reflect your glorious ways,
To follow your voice in the night,
To draw nearer every day.
Lord God, again I’m sorry,
But I know you’re writing my story.
My eyes, like the night, are starry
For I know of your marvelous glory.
I pray that you’d take my breath
And bring the trials, the strife.
I’ll suffer even to death
For you are eternal life.
Your word is my every measure,
In you I find shalom,
In heaven I store my treasure,
For there, with you, is my home.

Joyful Abandon

Dearest Love,

You are incredible.

You free me from all sorrow,

and you fill my heart with joy.

You dive into the depths of my soul,


and you dwell there with much pleasure.

Even though I’m broken,

even though I lash out,

and even though I don’t deserve you,

you stay.

You are not just a feeling.

You are not just a word.

You are motion.

You are not a flower,

for you are more beautiful.

You are not a song,

for you are more pleasant.

You are real,

and you are Love.

When I wander away from you,


you await me with open arms.

You embrace my folly with your grace.

You invigorate me.

You captivate me.

You awaken me.

Without you I would be afraid.

Without you I would be alone.

Without you I would be nothing.

You are the sunshine on my back,

the refreshing rain of spring,

the most blissful of all songs,

the sweet laughter of a child,

the first kiss of endearment,

the scent of a radiant rose,

the spirit of Christmas morning,

the tender caress of a mother,

the strong embrace of a father.

And still, you are so much more!

You are my joy and my hope,

my breath and my heart,

my light and my life.

But still, you are much, much more!

You are Love.

Guile of the Flame

All is quiet; all is still, except for the flickering flame.

I solemnly close my eyes until my soul reflects the same.

Once alive, I open my eyes and stare into the fire.

And there, within the warmth, it lies: my oft-elusive desire.

Light proceeds into my soul, which then pervades right back.

And no more does that grisly coal imbrue my life with black.

I gaze into the steady flame and see what there awaits.

Inside there breathes a brighter frame enhanced by pearly gates.

There speaks into my heart a word that captivates my all.

Again, I listen, but none is heard whispering this call.

A chill then skitters down my spine, as if one spoke my name.

But the only shadow there is mine… only mine and the flame’s.

Crumbled Melodies

Remnants of beauty linger here,
Though the melodies have long since gone;
All that remain are glimpses of years
And the keys that they traveled along.
Cracks and shadows mar the face
Of the vision once so bright,
But black and white, which now embrace,
Impose on each other their fright.
Once they sang a marvelous tune
Wherein their harmonies danced,
But time’s assault arrived too soon
And music lost her chance.
Edges blur and notes interfere
On these keys where joy once belonged;
But despite the sadness that lingers here,
There plays a beautiful song.

A Drop Amidst the Rain

Unnoticed I slip
Between those gentle fingertips
That know not the sweetness of my skin.
Invisible I stroll
Wishing only bells would toll
Triggering the heart that beats within.

If only she would spy
The longing in my eye
To share with her the joy beneath my breast.
Sadly I remain
But a drop amidst the rain
Lost within the falling and the rest.

Here in distant space
I stammer at her grace
Wishing only her gaze would latch on mine.
The moments crawl by
Until the day her eye
Will finally and ever latch on mine.

Blessed Trinity

Father God, Giver of Life,
Begotten Son, Sacred Heart,
Holy Ghost, Breath of God,
Blessed Trinity, One Thou art.

Father God, Thou tame the deep;
Thy Word hath silenced the abyss,
And o’er the waters doth Thy Spirit sweep
That chaos should be dismissed.

Thou bestow upon us unlimited grace
Despite our negligence and sin,
For Thou, on behalf of us, hast embraced
This realm that we gallivant within.

Humble Thou enter, incarnate, by flesh
Into Thy Creation we’ve destroyed;
Thou come not in anger, nor to thresh,
But once again to order the void.

Thou seek not vengeance but, with us, love
Even though we fathom Thou in part;
Graciously Thou descend from high above
To give unto us Thy Sacred Heart.

Breath of God, O Spirit and Wind,
Let us feel Thy guidance, Thy glow;
Grant, Holy Ghost, that we would depend
On nothing else but Thy flow.

Holy Trinity, three separate yet One,
May we fall at the foot of Thy throne;
Holy Spirit, Father, and Son,
Call us until we reach home.

Father God, Giver of Life,
Begotten Son, Sacred Heart,
Holy Ghost, Breath of God,
Blessed Trinity, One Thou art.