The Voyage, Part II


Amidst my hull of broken wood float debris

That meander through the wreckage to gather ‘round me.

Restlessly I struggle to stay above the waves,

As they find rest in the havoc that they gave.

Though somehow I sense some shiver in the wind

That yields itself to whispers that gather me in,

And there in the change of the breeze that shifts

My sails find that breath whereupon they lift;

My mast regains strength and stands once again

By the power of the Spirit that brought in the wind.

I recognize the truth that battered me by storm;

Rueful I find hope where I first was forlorn.

I see now the tide that washed against my hull

Was emptying me of wickedness so I could be made full.

The sea that so violently raged against my mast

Was freeing me from bondage, freeing me at last!

The ravage of the ocean brought waters so unknown

But only that I finally would turn to come back home.

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