The Voyage, Part I


Against my hull crash waves in violent throngs,

Leaving not a breath to bemoan the prior calm.

Submerged, my keel is well acquainted with the sea

But never like this has he been seen;

He grants no mercy on my fragile, wooden frame

But reminds me that life is not simply a sailing game.

I’m tossed over squalls that tower my sails

And find no respite from the battering of hail;

This storm cracks loud its lightning and its thunder,

Pulling me slowly but inevitably under.

My deck yearns the sunshine that shone before,

Or to see the flighted bird that overhead soared,

Though there is no anchor to drop down here,

Out in the middle of the ocean, and my fear.

My sails cry to the deluge to cease its falling

But my voice goes unheard; no rescue is calling.

No lighthouse is seen; no blue sky pokes through;

I am alone in night black with ocean blue.

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