My Utmost Prayer

Dear Lord, you are so far beyond me that I cannot begin to comprehend you.  And yet, you dwell within my soul, closer to me than I am to myself.  Again, I cannot fathom you.  Christ, you love in a way that I cannot fully grasp; I can only ask that you would live through me, to act as you would, to speak as you would, and to love as you would.  Help me to be humble and meek, slow to speak, slow to anger, to cast down my pride, and not to judge, or despise, or boast, lest it be about you and what you have done.  Your mercy is indescribable, the perfect image of your love.  Empower me to take up my cross daily, Lord.  I kneel before you humbly, seeking forgiveness for all that I’ve done, sinning against others, myself, and you.  In humility I accept your forgiveness, moving on with the knowledge that I will never earn or deserve your grace.  It is only by faith.  I profess you as my Lord and Savior.  I promise to seek your face, constantly.  I leave my passions at the cross to follow you fully.  I surrender to you everything that I’ve been blessed with and all of my hopes and plans.  My life is yours, O God.  Guide me on the path that you’ve set for me.  Help me not to be distracted by anything that lies in wait.  I fix my eyes on you and you alone.  Whenever I stumble, recover me.  Protect me from discouragement through your words, Holy Spirit.  Will me to move and act where you lead, unafraid of what will come.  As I said, my life is yours.  Thank you, O Lord, for who you are.  May all praise and honor and glory belong to you forever and ever.  Amen.

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