Psalm of the Lost

Heavenly Father, my Guide,

            call me when I am lost;

though my feet should wander,

            may I end up at Your cross.

I know the way is narrow

            but I know Your voice is true;

lead me down the path

            that follows straight to You.

My Shepherd, keep me close;

            my Light, shine the way;

my Compass, guide me home;

            my Refuge, be my stay.

Forgive me, Father, when I fall

            and help me to stand again;

that I would return my gaze to You,

            where it always should have been.

I never want to wander,

            but my limited mind does;

so, remind me of Your power;

            remind me of Your blood.

Call me, Father, ‘til I arrive

            at Your heavenly gates above;

guide me into Your arms, O God,

            usher me into Your love.

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