David’s Song

Downtrodden I fall, my face

into the earth. Weary

I crawl, desiring strength

but finding none.

For too long have I been

pursued; sought out

like some criminal, though

no wrong have I done.

I wind endlessly down

this unending path, whose

only destination seems,

unjustly, death.

Never have I planned or

even thought in malice

against him, yet he seeks

my final breath.

And though I see that God

has delivered him here,

into my hand, only his cloak

will I smudge.

Seeking mercy I surrender as

he falsely proclaims his

regret; before me he may lie

but not before the Judge.

Let God Arise

Just as the sea, darkness at last will part,

Making way for glory;

Light will burst from sky and from heart

As God completes His story.

“Let God arise,

Let His enemies be scattered.”

Just as the waters, chaos will be still

And yield its place to peace;

God will bring full circle His will;

Death will eternally cease.

“Let God arise,

Let His enemies be scattered.”

Just as the lion, evil will close its mouth

And the Lord’s voice will ring;

His saints and angels and children come forth

To stand in awe and sing:

“Let God arise,

Let His enemies be scattered.

Let God arise,

And let us sing!”

The Voyage, Part II


Amidst my hull of broken wood float debris

That meander through the wreckage to gather ‘round me.

Restlessly I struggle to stay above the waves,

As they find rest in the havoc that they gave.

Though somehow I sense some shiver in the wind

That yields itself to whispers that gather me in,

And there in the change of the breeze that shifts

My sails find that breath whereupon they lift;

My mast regains strength and stands once again

By the power of the Spirit that brought in the wind.

I recognize the truth that battered me by storm;

Rueful I find hope where I first was forlorn.

I see now the tide that washed against my hull

Was emptying me of wickedness so I could be made full.

The sea that so violently raged against my mast

Was freeing me from bondage, freeing me at last!

The ravage of the ocean brought waters so unknown

But only that I finally would turn to come back home.

The Voyage, Part I


Against my hull crash waves in violent throngs,

Leaving not a breath to bemoan the prior calm.

Submerged, my keel is well acquainted with the sea

But never like this has he been seen;

He grants no mercy on my fragile, wooden frame

But reminds me that life is not simply a sailing game.

I’m tossed over squalls that tower my sails

And find no respite from the battering of hail;

This storm cracks loud its lightning and its thunder,

Pulling me slowly but inevitably under.

My deck yearns the sunshine that shone before,

Or to see the flighted bird that overhead soared,

Though there is no anchor to drop down here,

Out in the middle of the ocean, and my fear.

My sails cry to the deluge to cease its falling

But my voice goes unheard; no rescue is calling.

No lighthouse is seen; no blue sky pokes through;

I am alone in night black with ocean blue.

My Utmost Prayer

Dear Lord, you are so far beyond me that I cannot begin to comprehend you.  And yet, you dwell within my soul, closer to me than I am to myself.  Again, I cannot fathom you.  Christ, you love in a way that I cannot fully grasp; I can only ask that you would live through me, to act as you would, to speak as you would, and to love as you would.  Help me to be humble and meek, slow to speak, slow to anger, to cast down my pride, and not to judge, or despise, or boast, lest it be about you and what you have done.  Your mercy is indescribable, the perfect image of your love.  Empower me to take up my cross daily, Lord.  I kneel before you humbly, seeking forgiveness for all that I’ve done, sinning against others, myself, and you.  In humility I accept your forgiveness, moving on with the knowledge that I will never earn or deserve your grace.  It is only by faith.  I profess you as my Lord and Savior.  I promise to seek your face, constantly.  I leave my passions at the cross to follow you fully.  I surrender to you everything that I’ve been blessed with and all of my hopes and plans.  My life is yours, O God.  Guide me on the path that you’ve set for me.  Help me not to be distracted by anything that lies in wait.  I fix my eyes on you and you alone.  Whenever I stumble, recover me.  Protect me from discouragement through your words, Holy Spirit.  Will me to move and act where you lead, unafraid of what will come.  As I said, my life is yours.  Thank you, O Lord, for who you are.  May all praise and honor and glory belong to you forever and ever.  Amen.

Joy Like A Fountain

Dear worry,

I know we’ve been through a lot together. We’re like old friends, grayed by the years that have passed.  And after all this, despite your clinging faithfulness, I’m leaving you.

I would say that I’m sorry, but I’m really not. You’ve stuck with me, I know, but you’ve abused me. You tricked and teased me constantly, always telling lies. But even more than that, you prevented me from light, and truth, and joy. You caged me in, denied me freedom! I can’t believe I let it go on for so long. I was naïve, I was gullible, I was played. But no more!

Please don’t even bother writing back. I know your other monikers: fear, doubt, anxiety… the list of aliases goes on. And I’m done with all of you. I am now freed in Christ, and Christ is freed in me. Light, and love, and joy will pour forth! O the joy that flows!

I am no longer captive to your schemes, for I am set free by grace and love; the free grace of Christ, the redeeming love of God. I wish you the best in your loneliness. Goodbye worry.


Dear Jesus,

I’m entirely yours.

Psalm of the Lost

Heavenly Father, my Guide,

            call me when I am lost;

though my feet should wander,

            may I end up at Your cross.

I know the way is narrow

            but I know Your voice is true;

lead me down the path

            that follows straight to You.

My Shepherd, keep me close;

            my Light, shine the way;

my Compass, guide me home;

            my Refuge, be my stay.

Forgive me, Father, when I fall

            and help me to stand again;

that I would return my gaze to You,

            where it always should have been.

I never want to wander,

            but my limited mind does;

so, remind me of Your power;

            remind me of Your blood.

Call me, Father, ‘til I arrive

            at Your heavenly gates above;

guide me into Your arms, O God,

            usher me into Your love.