Hope Remains in the Night

A bright bulb hangs above the room

As the night is adorned with the moon;

Darkness tries to vanquish the light

But hope remains in the night.


The dim glow is soft, yet strong,

As it confidently shines the evening long;

Darkness will struggle, try as it might

But hope remains in the night.


Even with certainty wisped away,

Faith will cut into the gray;

Black endeavors to swallow the white

But hope remains in the night.


Ever shines the resilient light

Growing stronger, oh so bright;

Eventually dark will yield its fight

For hope remains in the night.

3 thoughts on “Hope Remains in the Night

  1. Bless you for this!!! About the time I clicked the button to turn on the radio, I pulled up a new list by tag surfer and your post appeared. On the radio, the song began, “Hope Of The Broken World” by Selah. Awesome!

    • Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words! I just looked up the song by Selah and I love it. It’s so calm, but at the same time strong. It’s a beautiful sound and image of our assured faith in Christ. Again, thank you.

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