Unafraid I Sleep

My eyes droop with the heaviness of night

as the world suggests I need rest in spite

of what rumbles.

Thoughts dissipate without my prodding

while my head begins its weary nodding

as I crumble.

Burdened I lie in my uneasy cot

wondering whatever else I ought

to have wondered.

I muse on the extent to which I have been

and attempt to avoid that falling in

often blundered.

Again my mind rolls vacantly over

but thankfully I am not so sober

as to yield.

For I am drunk on this Spirit stroll

yearning to wake some slumbering soul

long concealed.

I refuse to abide in some tedious cage

that the rest of the world finds so sage

and endearing.

For somehow I know beneath my breast

and so, for now, my eyes close in rest

without fearing.

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