Wake Up, O Sleeper!

Wake up, o sleeper, from the depth of your slumber;
Cast aside your yawning so as not to encumber
The path before you that the Lord has set,
For you have not reached home, yet.

Indolence slips unnoticed beneath your skin,
Even though you know not the cave that closes in
And slowly wraps your feet in the confines of the asp,
But God is the one who has you in His grasp.

Yield unto the Father all you wish to control;
Give to Him desires that sit nagging in your soul;
Rid yourself of demons that hinder you from growth;
Guidance from the Spirit, and love, you’ll need both.

Cast down these idols that litter your path
For you will not find pleasure in the Judge’s wrath;
But with faith, repentance, and action prove
That, for the Lord of all the universe, you’ll move.

Wake up, o sleeper, from the realm of your dreams,
For this world has more of heaven than it may, at first, seem;
God has placed His Spirit, so that Christ might shine through,
In His many chosen temples, one of which is you.

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