How Small We Are

Our life is but a whisper

in the Lord’s unceasing song;

our time will wither like grass

but the glory of God is undying.

Our mind is merely a birdcage

while the Spirit of God is a lion;

our thoughts are like a net,

unable to trap Him as the wind.

Our view is through a peephole

though the Lord sees it all;

our vision is impaired as by fog,

yet the Lord transcends our mist.

Our heart thumps like the bass drum

while God outclasses the thunder;

our soul is but a shallow pond

while the Lord is deeper than the oceans.

Our sin is worthy of death

but Christ laid death in His grave;

our wickedness merits no mercy

but our Father deems us forgiven.


We are only a vapor

while God is vaster than the skies;

we are less than a dot

in the universe that fits in His palm.


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