We Forget That God Is Sovereign

The Lord may promise,

         but He also revokes;

To those He grants breath

         He may smother in smoke.

Where life springs forth,

         death may follow;

The trunk once sturdy

         might crumble, hollow.

One could find riches,

         be lavished with gold,

But then become broken,

         impoverished and old.

The Lord may choose

         to build one high,

But then rain down

         from darkened sky.

The Lord will decide

         who He will bless;

Who receives more,

         who receives less.

God is eternal,

         sovereign, divine;

We cannot surround Him

         with our earthly mind.

The Lord will honor

         who calls on His name,

But those who despise Him,

         He will disdain.

Those who were strong

         He will make weak;

Those who had boasted

         He will make meek.

We are but ashes,

         we are dust,

But the Lord is perfect,

         God is just.

What once was blue

         He thunders with grey,

For the Lord gives

         and He takes away.


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