Chapel Cadence

This is a compilation of messages that I’ve taken away from every chapel that I’ve attended while in college. The idea in each line comes from a sermon or song that I heard throughout my stay at school. Apologies for the broken meter and unconnected lines, but I thought I would post it anyway. Hope you enjoy.


With the attitude of Christ be selfless and humble.

Lend hand to your neighbor should they stagger or stumble.

Love with an ardor not found in reality.

May ‘grace and peace’ become your mentality.

Let the Lord Most High make your crooked path straight.

‘Someday’ is a myth, so act now, don’t wait.

Step out in faith and God will provide.

Open your arms to the lost worldwide.

Don’t be worried or discouraged by temptation.

As did God, slow down in admiration.

Encourage one another and maintain community.

A friendship requires both truth and integrity.

Look to God, for He will change you.

Share your brokenness; don’t let it brew.

Fear no evil for God’s on your side.

Accept God’s calling with arms open wide.

Be as Leah, praise the Lord above all.

Don’t let the riches of this world be your fall.

Make the most of situations you find.

We are authentic, and by God designed.

United in love, have one spirit and mind.

To the Earth from which you came, be respectful and kind.

Christ welcomes all in His arms of grace.

Live your life with a joyful embrace.

When I have God, I have everything I need.

Have faith in the things that you cannot see.

Reach out to your brothers who are hurt and lost.

Go and make disciples, no matter the cost.

You cannot share God’s love alone.

But a community as one shows the light of the throne.

God wants us to be both salt and light.

Only He can save you, try as you might.

Anchor yourself in Christ by the cross.

Have joy in hope, even when sight is lost.

Serving the kingdom brings a smile to God.

Christ went to Jerusalem to be beaten and flogged.

We become just by grace, through faith.

Unto the Lord we turn our face.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.

We are saved only through your Son.

Suffering for Christ brings us closer together.

Until the day we’re united forever.

Strive for God instead of reputation.

Put Him first before other relations.

God, create in me a clean heart.

Open my ears that I might hear my part.

Help me, Lord, to surrender to you.

And stop and think the true cost through.

We were created to love God with our mind.

It’s important we stop and give others our time.

We need to be firm and not conform.

God’s paradigm shifts may take you by storm.

Go out of your way to bring reconciliation.

Take God’s workmanship into consideration.

By the river of the Lord, be like a tree.

Vainly conceited you should not be.

Make sure to stop and take time to slow.

Drink from the waters in which God’s mercy flows.

Carry this nail as a symbol of your sin.

God can quell any doubt held within.

Christ the Lord is risen! He’s forever alive!

Observe the world around with a poet’s eye.

Please, God, make my expectations your own.

Help me to focus my eyes on your throne.

Strive to be the salt and the light.

Take a stand for that which is right.

God is faithful, even in hard times.

And He has the answers the world never finds.

Praise the Lord with all you can give!

The truth of your heart is the way that you live.

God is always able, if He so desires.

When illusion brings on darkness, seek His holy fire.

We wouldn’t be able to forgive if God hadn’t forgiven us.

Heroes unaware live with the power of Christ Jesus.

Always acknowledge that heaven has control.

Go into the room where God meets your soul.

Community is a place where love has no end.

Sit in the ashes with a grieving friend.

Grow your faith to be firm in the vine.

Know that the Lord is sovereign and divine.

Open your heart to be searched by His grace.

Don’t be afraid of the challenges you face.

Allow yourself tears when the time comes to mourn.

The imagination of love brings healing to those forlorn.

Don’t be drunk with wine, but of the Spirit be filled.

Find the place in the wasteland where the peaceful stream is still.

I do not know what the future holds, but the one who holds it is God.

Blessed are those who are weary and meek, on whom the vicious have trod.

When you feel beaten, wait on the Lord, for He is waiting on you.

Gather together with the body of Christ and worship, humble and true.

Allow yourself to see God’s wonders; allow your soul to sing.

Hunger for what the Lord creates and wait to see what He brings.

God, help me be righteous, for I cannot go it alone.

Release the burden of secrets, and let it all be known.

Death cannot stop, no bullet can touch, no walls can contain love.

Don’t be afraid to share laments as long as you direct them above.

The invisible God can be made visible through me.

From the shackles of worldly prejudice, break free.

The faithfulness of the Lord is my rampart, my shield.

Never by technology will your wounds be healed.

All is nothing, should we have not love.

These ashes are a symbol that directs us above.

If you were confronted with persecution and death,

Would you stand for Christ with your final breath?

Neither fly nor fight, but engage to redeem.

His praises are heard and His wonders are seen.

Love with a grace that extends to the least.

Back your faith with a knowledge that does not cease.

God loves all; there is no exception.

Complacency and control; beware their deception.

Have love for the broken, for we are just the same.

God takes the shattered pieces and heals them by His name.

We didn’t sign up for the comfortable, so why are we standing still?

Stop for those beaten down, not in pity, but gracious in will.

Before He was our risen Lord, He was our Lord crucified.

God is good, God does good, and God is the only good bona fide.

Rise up on wings, fly like eagles, fly with God, and soar away.

Give your heart to God in every single way.

Death to compromise, death to autotunes, and death even more to fear.

Sit on the steps of your soul with the Lord, and find Him forever near.

Lukewarm and comfortable are the devil’s places to run.

Greater things have yet to come, greater things are still to be done.

The Lord won’t leave a single one behind.

In the center of God’s plan may you yourself find.

The darkness will never overcome God’s light.

The Lord will find you, when the time is right.

Regardless of your past, God will always redeem.

Get rid of the things that hold you down, and never let you dream.

God has created the earth, perfectly, to sustain.

The Lord is the head of the church family, which will forever reign.

God has given us countless examples, all crammed into one book.

If our lives were added along with the rest, how would we actually look?

Know that you are a precious child of God, and that He has a plan for you.

The Lord has perfected a brilliant light for every one of us to shine through.

God does not call the qualified, but He qualifies the called.

God is the Way, and His will can’t be stalled.

All of us were bought, and we were bought with a price.

Prayer is a time to hear God’s advice.

To use discernment is an act of the wise.

The light cannot be darkened from the Savior’s eyes.

Be ready for the moments when God calls you to move.

The people of God, His faithfulness, prove.

Rather than question His call, just go.

Find those in the streets, and mercy bestow.

We don’t have to wait until heaven to unite as nations and tribes!

It’s alright to bring before God those doubts that don’t quite jive.

Even through uncertainty, the Lord is ever there.

Make sure to be grateful and your gratitude share.

We all belong to the Lord’s big family, adopted and bought just the same.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, that we would kneel to your name.

Take a deep breath to take in His grace.

The Lord’s true kingdom is not of this place.

Respond to your name when you hear God call.

Give Him your heart; give Him your all.

Jesus descended to pitch his tent with ours.

Rejoicing in His name gives way to His power.

Christ has come, and He will always be here.

His kingdom is singing; His kingdom is near.

God is always there for you, eager to come out of the stands.

Lord, I commit myself, completely into your hands.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re at, let your light shine through!

Ponder anew, what the Almighty can do.

Tune into God, for He is our perfect and limitless ration.

The kingdom is justice, the kingdom is mercy, the kingdom is compassion.

The breaking and the broken finally have a flag unfurled.

God has given His fingerprints for us to leave on the world.

Legacy is a very loaded word; what will be ours?

Do we need God every day, or just during the wars?

Love like you mean it, like a father loves his little girl.

Love with a love not borne of this world.

Sometimes we need rest, and when we do, we should rest.

Alleluia to the right, right. Alleluia to the left, left.

Stretch your soul into the Lord, for that is why we are here.

Sing praises to Him for He draws ever near.

He is always watching so dance your dance; always hearing so sing your song!

Christ has been with you all along.

We were once ashes, and again we’ll be dust.

We have so much in common through the God we trust!

Rehumanize this people that God has made good.

The bread is His body, and the cup is His blood.

God is the author of our script, and His script ends with glory!

Prayer is the miracle in everyone’s story.

Get outside of your pretty church doors.

There is no casual in this spiritual war.

Get to know your Creator; sit with Him in prayer.

God always has a purpose; God is always there.

Christ isn’t tailored; God isn’t homegrown!

Get to know God, and make Him known.

The life, death, and resurrection of Christ should overwhelm us all.

In the blood of all of us lies His common call.


We will be ushered into glory above.

For our God is grace, our God is love.


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