Beyond Our Bones

The Lord our God is above us,

         we cannot fathom his wisdom;

Though he graciously went below us

         he will always be seated above.

The Lord is beyond our bones,

         yet he captured himself inside them;

The Lord is free of our flesh,

         yet he willingly stepped inside it.

Christ was condemned as sinful man

         though he himself was blameless;

Though he was spotless, without blemish,

         he incurred the wrath.

He alone has the power to reign,

         only he can serve as judge;

There is no other so high and holy,

         no other so righteous and wise.

He does not fit inside of our minds,

         no idol or book can contain him;

Yet he opts to reveal himself in mysteries,

         his Spirit indwells our souls.

We never will manage to grasp his breadth,

         we never will fathom his depth;

We never will fully comprehend him,

         but, us, he wholly imagines.

He imagines our hearts and creates our souls;

         with intricacy we are formed.

He designs our bodies and crafts our spirits;

         with intimacy we are tailored.

O God of infinite wisdom,

         O Lord of eternal fortitude,

We humbly kneel before you,

         we quiet our chaotic hearts,

We await your mysterious words,

         we offer to you our souls.


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