the Lion and the Lamb

This psalm was a combined effort: I wrote the first half, and a dear friend authored the second.

Thunder is quiet compared to his roar

            and lightning’s flash is subtle,

For the Lord’s voice is heard among the nations;

            his light is seen over the earth.

Ocean waves are timid to him

            and cower in his presence;

He commands them with a whisper,

            they flow according to his word.

The mountains look up at his majesty,

            awestruck by his height;

They call on his name from their peaks,

            they proclaim his name to the valleys.

The Lord is regal and sovereign,

            roaming the earth like a lion;

He roams over all his creation,

            a strong and magnificent lion.

Though the Lord is great and mighty,

            he is also humble and meek;

The moonlight reflects his beauty

            in the still refuge of his night.

The hum of the wind may be quiet

            and his whisper may be gentle,

But the sheep will follow his voice,

            they will surely arrive at green pastures.

Rivers flow from his peace,

            trees spring forth and blossom;

Birds in their nests are sheltered,

            they are provided for all their life.

The Lord is loving and kind,

            peaceful like a lamb;

His strength may be that of a lion,

            but he was willing to die as the lamb.

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