Free in the Lord

I once was a prisoner. I once was a slave. I once was contained by the relentless evils of this world, the persistent desires of my own flesh. I belonged to sin, and to death. I bought foolishly into every scheme, the victim of every ploy. I was deceived by the world, by the devil, by my own self. I bit eagerly into every apple and jumped headlong into every pit. I was consumed by lust, mislead by my eyes, enthralled by what the world offered. I dug deeper and deeper into hell, completely unaware of the walls caving in, oblivious to the grave that I was then standing in. I was told to keep digging, that it would get me out. I was pulled in every direction, and told every way was the proper one. I was tricked and toyed with. I was bombarded with thoughts and buried in doubts. I was misguided by falsities and deprived of truths. I denied them. I was entirely lost and frightfully alone. I was dead.

God revived my soul. The Lord returned breath to my lungs. Christ revealed to me the mire that I walked in and He rescued me from it. He placed my feet on solid ground and pointed me in the way of righteousness. He taught me that life is precious and that I am also precious. God created me, and He continues shaping me. He cares for me and will never stop loving me. He cannot stop loving me. Christ gave up His throne to become like me. He gave up heaven to walk alongside me. He endured the most relentless treatment of all. He suffered the death of a criminal. He was whipped, beaten, mocked, gored, spat on, scoffed at, crucified, and faced the wrath of God that I deserve. He went down into death and came up victorious. He conquered sin, and the devil, and death, once and for all. He made it possible for me to enter His presence. He sanctifies and redeems me every day. He washes my stains and dresses me in holiness. He tells me that I am forgiven and that I will share with Him glory in heaven. He showers me with grace and blesses me with new mercies every morning. He has given me His Spirit to guide and protect me. The Holy Spirit dwells within me, in the depths of my heart and soul. He yearns out in prayer for me and leads me in the way of truth. He empowers me to be salt and light. God is my refuge and my strength, my rock and my encouragement. He is my peace and my rest, my joy and my song. He is my help in times of trouble, my provider in times of need. He is my grace and my redemption. He is my author and my creator. He is my Father and my friend. He is my liberator and my protector. He is my life and my breath. He is my Savior and my Lord. He has given me new life, and He has set me free.

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