Simply Amazing

What most people see as dreary, he views as beautiful.

Where others find fault, he sees none.

When the majority give in, he stays true.

While all hold grudges, he bears love.

There is no grievance he can’t forgive.

There is no sin he has not covered.

There is no life he hasn’t breathed into.

There is no soul he cannot save.

He returns sight to the blind.

He gives faith to the hopeless.

He promises healing to the broken.

He shows mercy to the sinful.

Joy is expanded infinitely.

Life is extended eternally.

Love is expressed fully.

God is experienced wholly.

He is beauty,

He is truth,

He is forgiveness,

He is hope,

He is joy,

He is light,

He is salvation,

He is life,

He is healing,

He is mercy,

He is refuge.

He is love!

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