Once Again, Take Heart

To all who are somnolent, awaken; to all who are burdened, take heart, for we are not without purpose, and we are not without hope.  Just as we once were captured by light, again let light invigorate.  Do not cast your gaze downward, upon darkness and evil deeds, for there lays the devil in the shadows; there lie his demons in wait.  Rather, focus your eyes on the source, not just of light, but of all wisdom, for Christ knows where wisdom is found.  Neither the devil nor the deep know the way, but the Lord alone knows where wisdom dwells.  Return to him as you once were found, cradled in the pocket of his sway, secure in the refuge of his arms.  Do not forget the glory or the joy that accompany the Lord, and never again let them escape!  For they are sacred gifts from a righteous king bestowed upon us in perfect love and unhindered mercy.  Despite our unworthiness, we are lavished in forgiveness, smothered in grace.  We are no longer separate from him, nor shall we ever be, from the moment we believed, forever.  We have one body, one Spirit, one hope, one faith, one baptism, and one Lord.  Our God is Father of all; he is over all, through all, and in all.  Always remember this.

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